optimist COLLECTS


patient feedback to make


effective, INNOVATIVE 


INHALERS don't get much smarter

optimist is about confidence & convenience

Patients can download the Optimist App to their smartphones to manage treatment. With the app, they’ll see their doctor’s recommended treatment plan, get reminders for when it is time to take the medication, and provide feedback to the doctor on how well it’s working. They’ll also be able to schedule appointments and order refills for pick up at their local dispensary.

medical precision 

Controlled dispensing as prescribed by the doctor.


atomized DELIVERY 

It's more accurate and consistent than edibles or vaping.


Sends scheduled reminders when it’s medication time.

Dispensing Lock-out function

Prevents unauthorized, accidental or over usage.


Bluetooth connectivity

Tracks dispensing and allows remote adjustment by the doctor.


online data collection 

Allows patients to rate medications and provide feedback to their doctor.


obviously, vaping is not for kids

Parents would rather not have a child using a vape pen at school or neighborhood playdate. Optimist gives parents an alternative for administering medications that’s much more appropriate for kids. As a familiar-looking inhaler, already understood and trusted by millions, Optimist is actually a state-of-the-art smart medicine delivery device with technological functionality dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

Vaping creates uncomfortable situations for adults as well. In the workplace, for example, Optimist is a much more socially acceptable device for administering medication. Because it’s an inhaler, co-workers instantly recognize it as medication. With Optimist, patients don’t have to use the outdoor smoking area because they don’t feel comfortable using a vape pen or e-cigarette in the office.

a major medical advancement

While big pharma does not allow for adaptation of treatment plans based on direct patient feedback, Optimist does. This is the first time MC treatment regimens can be modified through real-time collaboration and optimal synergy between patient, doctor and medicine formulators.