• David Jackson

Optimist Inhaler awarded patent by USPTO for its sMDI™ (smart Metered Dose Inhaler) Technology

Recognizing unique and novel claims in a crowded medical device category, the United States Patent Office (USPTO) grants a Non-Provisional patent (US 10,449,310 B2) to Optimist Inhaler, LLC. in less than 9 months.

The Optimist Smart Metered Dose Inhaler (sMDI™) is a cloud-connected IoT device and software platform that provides clinicians, formulators and clinical research teams with the ability to monitor in real-time; patient usage, treatment adherence and physical progress while collecting and analyzing data to validate the efficacy of medications and improvements in patient outcomes.

Patients provide direct feedback using the Optimist Care smartphone app. Short surveys are designed to gather data using condition/symptom specific questions to validate treatment progress. The Optimist Inhaler sends notifications to users to ensure they take the medication on time as determined by their physician recommended dosing schedule or patient trail protocols. The platform incorporates heath tracker technologies to monitor “pre & post dose” patient vitals including heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and sleep patterns are also recorded.

As data accumulates on the HIPAA-compliant network, clear and actionable insights will help clinicians and researchers create new and more effective treatment plans. This dynamic database of usable information allows formulators to quickly iterate formulations to improve efficacy and access data sets from patient trials for filing IP and supporting marketing claims.

The Optimist Inhaler platform is currently being used to research cannabinoid-based formulations. The Optimist inhaler device offers major advantages over other methods of cannabinoid delivery (tinctures, gel caps, heated vaping) such as precision/repeatable dosing, non-heated inhalation, optimal bio-availability, quick time to onset, predictable dosing effects, medication cartridge tracking and a dispensing lock-out feature.

Optimist Inhaler ecosystem is advancing the ability for clinicians and researchers to compress patient trial timelines, reduce manpower and associated costs for conducting trials, improve the quality/accuracy of data gathering and providing efficiency for the development of efficacious medications.

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